A 4-week step - by- step program to take you by the hand and help you set up your home so that you can potentially save thousands of dollars in case of an emergency without breaking the bank on preparedness.

Preparing Your Home


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Most homes in the pacific northwest aren’t set up for success.  According to the City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management, 15% of Seattle’s total area is built on soil that is prone to ground failure due to liquefaction and 1100 unreinforced masonry buildings that are prone to collapse in earthquakes.   By taking the time now, you can prepare your house and end up saving yourself upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


This is why I’ve put together a comprehensive step-by-step program to help you set up your house, prepare your family,  and get to your loved ones in the fastest most efficient way possible without breaking the bank on preparedness efforts.  ===


Here’s What to Expect:


  • Have the necessary disaster supplies on hand;
  • Mitigate risks within your home;
  • Ensure your family knows what to do in the event of an emergency in your home;
  • Have the life saving devices readied, installed and maintained; and  
  • Rest assured that your family and home are prepared for the next interruption.

Here’s What’s Inside Waiting for You:


  • Learn how to identify and mitigate risks to your family and home.
  • Learn how to create your family’s crisis communications plan.
  • Learn how to secure the necessary disaster supplies unique to your home and family.
  • Learn effective means to educate and practice your plans with your family.

What’s the Investment?

I recognized after dozens of home preparedness consultations that I am only one person and that I can only be spread so thin, so I created this 4-week home preparedness course to help spread the knowledge, hold your hand through the process, and make our community better prepared for the next interruption.  You will receive this 4-week course that will empower you to become better prepared on a budget.  My in-person home consultation sessions can cost as much as $1,000 dollars and in current times limiting unnecessary in-person contact is essential, so we have customized our in-person consultation into a 4-week on-line course to help you help your loved ones get prepared.    

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Here’s what people say.

Jenny Williams-Bjork
Professional Colleague (PIEPC)

Kelly is a long-time colleague I first met when she was with the American Red Cross. She saw that I too had the “safety bug” and encouraged me to join her on a non-profit emergency preparedness committee. Her encouragement has led to eight years of service with her in a space that she excels in. I have witnessed first-hand her passion and deep knowledge of preparedness planning, resiliency, and all things safety. Kelly is an engaging public speaker who can easily address crowds in the hundreds as well as intimate smaller group settings. I am confident that her expertise and holistic approach to providing safety and emergency preparedness services will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle any potential risks.

Eric Holdeman
former Director of Emergency Management for King County

When I was asked to suggest people to contribute to a national disaster preparedness event, the only person I recommended was Kelly Kasper. She had a passion for what she does and provides accurate and authoritative information that can help people and organizations become better prepared for a disaster.
 I come across many people who profess an interest in helping people become prepared for disasters. Most come and go, not sticking with what they started out to do. Kelly has been someone who has stayed the course and is consistent in her efforts to help people and organizations become more disaster resilient.
 One of the things I like about Kelly Kasper is her consistency in working to provide good information on disaster risks and how people can avoid them altogether or if that is not possible, be prepared to protect their physical and economic welfare of their families.

About Kelly

Kelly is truly passionate about helping others.  Her entire career has been centered around that theme.  She caught the preparedness bug while working for the American Red Cross and continues to spread the preparedness word through HT2 Consulting.   She specializes in workplace and personal preparedness, as every workplace preparedness plan must begin with the staff preparing at home.

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