How to Prepare Your House for Emergencies

A free training designed to help you uncover the truth about home preparedness that most people miss and can potentially save you upwards of $20,000

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HT2 Consulting Services, LLC offers a wide selection of services to help ensure that you, your family, your neighborhood, your school(s) and workplace(s) weather the next interruption. In the Pacific Northwest, earthquake preparedness is key to our community's quick recovery from natural hazards.
Let Kelly Kasper of HT2 help you get prepared for earthquakes, windstorms and other interruptions likely to occur in the Pacific NW.

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Whether you’re looking to prepare your home or offer space, a custom plan from HT2 is the most efficient and effective way to ensure your safety. Sign up for a free consultation to discuss the options of potentially working together.

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Do it Yourself Resources

A custom plan isn’t always accessible to everyone which is why I put together a 4 week program designed to help you feel safe in your own home without breaking the bank.

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Free Resources

Here you can find weekly safety articles filled with state of the art emergency protocols.

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Here's what people say about working with Kelly

Brook Walker

Executive Director
The Electric League

Your presentation at the April Electric League General Meeting was simply terrific! Thank you for being so informative, while also sharing your fun personality and humor. I’ve received many compliments and have you to thank.

Mark Cunningham

Information Systems

Kelly Kasper has been an invaluable resource to us at DCG One since we engaged her. She has brought a seasoned, reasonable approach to the design, instantiation, and maintenance of our business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The ideas she proposes are simple to understand and implement. She understands that planning of this type, while of paramount importance to mitigating risk, can be easily put aside for more immediate needs. Kelly has coached us well and we continue to make incremental progress on our planning and documentation.

Jama L. Hawk

Manager, Admin Services Division
Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Over the past 5 years, Kelly has reviewed our plans, trained our staff, exercised/tested the current plans and offered insight into means to improve the plans. Of all the things she does well, Kelly’s dynamic presentation skills and her ability to lead our staff through disaster preparedness training sessions and exercising our continuity plans stand out.

HT2’s expertise has now become integrated with our training efforts. We rely on Kelly Kasper to
assist us with design and testing, maintaining, and updating training plans for the foreseeable